Specialty Additives

Progressive Fillers & Additives Int’l offer a range of functional fillers including Ultra-fine microspheres, specialty micas and precision glass fibers and flakes for use in high build coatings and a wide variety of plastics.

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Calcium Carbonate

Calcium Carbonate products are processed from a high purity stone to exacting specifications. Suitable for use in plastics, adhesives, sealants and other applications.

PFI T Flake

Similar in configuration to mica, glass flakes are engineered formed plates with a very high aspect ratio. The PFI T Flake’s have been shown to increase the chemical resistance of coatings, improve the dimensional stability of moldings and reduce surface waviness, while providing a unique substrate for pigment deposition.

Engineered for applications including corrosion resistant coatings, polymer reinforcements and specialty pigments.

Sphere-Fil SGB & HGB Lines

Are Solid and Hollow Microspheres that are composed of soda-lime glass without any free silica.

Sphere-Fil Ultrafine A

Is a glass sphere comprised of a solid calcium aluminosilicate.

The non-porous spherical nature offers formulators the flexibility of higher loading levels when compared to conventional fillers such as calcium carbonate clay & talc.

PFI Talc • RP 9400

Series of talcs are produced from ores which provide an excellent balance of mechanical properties at an economical price. Primary use in commodity polypropylene, these talcs are platy, hydrophobic, non-abrasive and chemically inert. Applications include; thermoplastics, thermosets, adhesives & mastics and rubber dusting.

TI02 75 • DIO-75 Plastics

The DIO Ti02 75 is a Chloride process TIO2 for the plastics industry and is produced in two different grades. One grade is the DIO Ti02 75 and the other the DIO Ti02 75D for the durable grade. These TIO2’s match up very good against the Millennium RCL 4, DuPont’s R101 & R104 and the Tioxide TR 60.

TI02 150 • DIO-150 Coatings

DIO-150 is a Titanium, Aluminum, silica treated Rutile pigment produced by the Sulfate Process. This product with special organic surface treatment has super durability and high opacity. It is widely used in the areas of plastics, rubber, paper and high grade pigments. DIO150 is especially used in macromolecule systems such as plastic steels, color master batch and powder pigments along with solvent based coatings and printing ink for applications requiring super durability and environmental resistance.


For High Heat, Long-Life Thermoforming Molds Designed for Extreme Temperatures


Optimum heat resistance • Superior fatigue & distortion resistance • Long tool life & NO print through if used in conjunction with T-LAM™.


Unsurpassed structural integrity • Outstanding air release for easier wet-out • Labor & material cost effective.