Created by Progressive Fillers International, the ElectroClad line includes Conductive Silver micas, glass spheres and flakes, all designed for light weight and high performance applications with affordability in mind.

The ElectoClad applications include Conductive films, Pastes, EMI/RFI Shielding micro applications, Conductive / Shield Flooring, Antistatic carpet, Aerospace, Electrically conductive polymers and Adhesives, Coatings, Sealants, Caulks, Composites, Reinforced polymers, Cu, Ag, Pd electronic pastes, Ceramic/metal joints, Thermal electrical.

Ag Solid Sphere (CSGS)™

Progressive Fillers Int’l inc ‘s Conductive Silver Glass Spheres (CSGS) is a highly conductive silver sphere with a dry bulk resistivity of .001 ohms/cm. The CSGS line not only improves compatibility with conductive film and circuit board applications but physically improves impact strength.

MicaClad Ag 100 (CSM100)™

Micaclad Conductive Silver Flakes (CSM100) is a highly conductive silver mica with a dry bulk resistivity of .002 ohms/cm. These pure silver platelets have the shielding and conductive properties of solid metal silver with a fraction of the cost. The blanketing effect of silver and the reinforcement advantages of the mineral help provide strength and a stable conductive surface.

Ag Conductive ColorLite (CSF)™

Progressive Fillers International offers a solution to the industrial standard dark color of conductive and anti-stat applications by offering a radiant shine to conductive additives, the CSF lines are conductive synthetic flakes with an adjustable specific gravity and density to fit the project. Having full control designing the weight, dimensions and over all parameters of the flake gives the customer full control over their original design and cost.

Ag Hollow Sphere (CHS)™

Progressive Fillers Int’l inc ‘s Conductive Hollow Glass Spheres (CHS) is a very low density highly conductive hollow silver sphere with a crush strength of > 8,000 psi. The CHS is engineered to resist oxidation and cost effectively improve conductive applications, with its stable performance and low resistivity of .001 it is easily combined with a variety of applications including paint and coatings.

Thermally Conductive MicaCLad Aluminum

Optimum heat resistance. As used in the AL-TOOL™ in our Specialty Additives, the Micaclad Aluminum is designed to give optimum resistance to heat, fatigue and distortion of vacuum form tooling surfaces