We are a leading producer of pigmented, special effect minerals and conductive additives for the plastic, masterbatch, compounding and coating industries. Progressive Fillers & Additives International has designed a variety of products for strong reinforcement, EMI and RFI shielding, transferring currents and brilliant effects in high heat applications.

ElectroClad™ Conductive Additives

Silver infused particles for conductive floors, powder coatings, anti-static carpeting, variety of EMI/RFI shielding and anti microbial advancements.

ChromaClad™ Special Effects

Micaclad F.C is an FDA compliant, dynamic colorfast non-dispersing effect, designed for the master batch, paint and coatings, injection and rotational molding industries. Micaclad products are made with natural non abrasive engineered delaminated micas, organic flakes, high temp fibers, organic pigments and other toxic free products.

Specialty Additives

Ultra-fine microspheres, engineered glass flake and fiber based materials for use in high build coatings and a wide variety of plastics.